Heritage Square

Want to step back in time and experience the Old West in its prime? Don’t miss out on Heritage Square in Downtown Phoenix. This historic district surrounds the iconic Rosson House, a beautifully preserved Queen Anne Victorian home built way back in 1895. Wander the quaint neighborhood and you’ll be transported to the 19th century frontier days with its historical museums, specialty shops, and restaurants serving up classic Arizona cuisine. Guided tours of the Rosson House Museum offer a glimpse into the lives of early Phoenix settlers, or you can simply stroll around the charming redbrick buildings taking it all in at your own pace. Either way, Heritage Square is a can’t-miss for visitors looking to soak up Phoenix’s rich pioneer history and heritage.

Address: 113 N 6th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: (602) 262-5071

Papago Park

This 1,500-acre desert oasis in East Phoenix is a nature-lover’s playground just minutes from the city’s lively Downtown scene. Hike or bike along Papago’s miles of scenic trails that wind through vibrant orange buttes and thick blooms of cacti. Or simply find a quiet spot to admire the iconic red sandstone formations that make this municipal park so distinct. For a closer look at native desert flora and fauna, check out the Phoenix Zoo or Desert Botanical Garden located right within the park. Speaking of wildlife, keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of resident Gila monsters, roadrunners, and jackrabbits who call Papago’s rocky landscape home. No doubt about it, this rugged desert beauty provides a welcome natural escape from the surrounding city bustle.

Address: 625 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phone: (602) 495-5458

Heard Museum

Even if Native American art and culture isn’t usually your thing, the globally acclaimed Heard Museum is bound to open your eyes to the rich heritage and traditions of the Southwest’s indigenous peoples. This world-class museum houses one of the finest collections of contemporary Native works, including paintings, pottery, jewelry, dolls, and more intricate pieces you’d never imagine could be crafted solely by human hands. Beyond its unrivaled gallery exhibits, the Heard offers frequent dance performances, artist demonstrations, and special events that allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the living cultures still thriving across the region today. Time your visit for one of the annual World Hoop Dance competitions or the vibrant Indian Fair & Market to witness these ancient customs brought vividly to life.

Address: 2301 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: (602) 252-8840

Arizona Falls

You read that right – Arizona has its own little slice of paradise tucked away in the form of a scenic desert oasis known as Arizona Falls. This hidden gem sits just north of the city within the boundaries of the Tonto National Forest, offering a cool respite from Phoenix’s infamous dry heat. Your first glimpse of the small yet mighty cascade is sure to take your breath away as water flows over a wide stair-step rock formation. Bring a swimsuit and towel so you can take a refreshing dip in the crisp pools below the falls after working up a sweat hiking in. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a camera – the backdrop of saguaro cacti surrounding the falls makes for a picture-perfect Sonoran Desert photo op that simply can’t be missed.

Address: Tonto National Forest, Phoenix, AZ

Phone: (602) 225-5200


Even if you know nothing about architecture, wandering through the grounds of Cosanti is sure to ignite your curiosity and creative spirit. This unique property in Paradis e Valley showcases the innovative artistry and urban planning concepts by Arizona’s own Paolo Soleri, a 20th century architect celebrated internationally for his experimental designs influenced by ecology and ancient building styles. The centerpiece of Cosanti is its striking series of dramatic slope-lined structures constructed using cast-concrete and therapeutic design philosophies involving gravity, eco-friendly building materials, and nature’s patterns. Small exhibits lie around every corner, displaying details on Soler’s ambitious visions for cities of the future. It’s no ordinary museum visit – Cosanti’s peculiar landscapes and architecture will have you pondering new perspectives on environmental urban planning long after you leave.

Address: 6433 E Doubletree Ranch Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Phone: (480) 948-6145

Roosevelt Row

For a trendy slice of local culture and urban arts, spend an afternoon wandering around Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix. This hip, creative district surrounds Roosevelt Street, bursting with colorful street murals, eclectic boutiques, and inspired eateries relying on fresh seasonal menus sourced from community gardens. On any given evening, you’ll see the sidewalks come alive with poetry readings, food trucks rallying after an event, or impromptu musical performances from local artists. The neighborhood celebrates first Friday art walks and puts on huge shindigs during major occasions like Dia de los Muertos every November and the Annual Pave the Way Chalk Art Festival in spring when artists transform the streets into their canvas. It’s a vibrant, authentic side of Phoenix that seamlessly blends creative inspiration with a funky, bohemian vibe.

Address: Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: (602) 501-5939

Hole in the Rock

For one of the most unique hiking destinations you’ll find in Phoenix, head out to the Papago Buttes in Papago Park to hunt down the elusive “Hole in the Rock.” As its name suggests, this natural wonder is a massive geological formation with – you guessed it – a gaping hole through its core. Part optical illusion and part misleading perspective trick, this massive sandstone cylinder protruding up toward the sky is sure to have you scratching your head. Climbing and scrambling up to the hole is permitted but best reserved for experienced hikers with the proper gear. After all, you’ll want to navigate the final ascent carefully for the chance to strike your very own “Hey, I made it!” pose from within that famous rocky opening. No matter how you ultimately experience the Hole in the Rock, its peculiar and otherworldly backdrop makes for some seriously epic photo ops.

Address: 4061 E McDonald Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phone: (602) 495-5458

Tovrea Castle

With its brilliant white edifice rising from the stark desert surroundings, the Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights is one of the most unique and storied landmarks in Phoenix. This wedding cake-like structure constructed in 1928 achieved worldwide notoriety after its original owners perished under mysterious circumstances. The castle subsequently sat vacant for decades, becoming one of the most infamous sources of rumors, ghost stories, and local folklore. Guided tours of the Tovrea Castle finally began in 2013, allowing visitors to explore its lush cactus gardens and get a glimpse into its intriguing history within the impressive stone walls and towers for themselves. Whether you subscribe to the haunted folklore or not, this bizarre relic of Southwestern design and vision is nothing short of spectacular, handily earning its status as a cherished Phoenix monument like no other.

Address: 5025 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phone: (602) 256-3221

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