Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A private middle school in Phoenix, Arizona wanted to take their 8th grade class on an educational tour of the city’s top landmarks. They requested a fleet of three charter buses to transport the 120 students, 10 chaperones, and all their luggage to destinations like the Arizona Science Center, the Heard Museum, and the Arizona State Capitol Building. Since the tour would last the full school day from 8am to 4pm, the school was quoted a rate of $1,200 per bus, per day. This covered the hourly rental fee as well as the cost of the team’s hotel stay and gratuity. With three buses at $1,200 each, the total cost for the school’s Phoenix field trip came out to $3,600. While this may seem high upfront, the per-student cost of $30 was still lower than the price of renting individual transportation or organizing parent carpools.

Example #2:

A large technology company in Phoenix, Arizona needed to transport 75 employees to their annual sales conference at the Phoenix Convention Center. The company rented a full-size charter bus with 56 plush seats, WiFi, power outlets, and a restroom to shuttle the employees from their office in downtown Phoenix to the conference venue and back each day for the 3-day event. The total cost for the 3-day charter bus rental was $4,500, which came out to just $60 per employee. The company was also charged an additional $150 for the team’s hotel stay and a 15% tip at the end of the trip.

Example #3:

The Phoenix Suns basketball team needed to transport their players, coaches, and staff to a crucial playoff game against the Los Angeles Lakers. With 22 people and a large amount of equipment and luggage, the team opted for a 50-passenger charter bus rental. The bus picked the team up from their training facility in downtown Phoenix and drove them 400 miles to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The rental was priced at $2,500 for the day, which included the team’s hotel stay and a 15% tip. The per-person cost for the Suns’ charter bus rental came out to just $114, a fraction of what individual airfare and ground transportation would have cost.

Example #4:

A group of 60 employees from a large tech company in Phoenix, Arizona wanted to plan a day trip to Sedona, a scenic desert town about 2 hours north of the city. The company rented a 56-passenger charter bus to transport their employees to and from the trip. Since the round-trip distance was around 250 miles, the transportation company charged a daily rate of $1,200 plus $1.50 per mile. This brought the total cost of the charter bus rental to $1,575. The company also budgeted an additional $300 for the team’s hotel stay and a 15% tip. In the end, the total cost of the day trip transportation came out to $1,875, or just $31.25 per employee.

Example #5:

A bride-to-be in Phoenix, Arizona called our reservation specialists to book transportation for her upcoming wedding celebration. She needed a shuttle to transport her wedding party of 25 guests from their hotel to the ceremony venue, and then to the reception hall across town. Since the bride’s wedding was taking place in June, which is part of our busy season, the quote came out to $1,200 for a minibus rental. This covered the 4-hour minimum rental period, with an additional $150 per hour for any time beyond the initial 4 hours. The bride also had to factor in a $150 fee for the team’s hotel stay, as well as a 15% tip of $180 to show her appreciation for the team’s excellent service. In total, the bride’s wedding transportation costs came out to $1,530. By booking a minibus instead of individual rideshares or taxis, the bride was able to keep her wedding party together and ensure everyone arrived on time to each event. The per-person cost of $61 was well worth the convenience and reliability of a private shuttle service.

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